Can we all just agree that MEN should touch it?


The trend of unisex bathrooms has  taken over. From coffee shops to restaurants to bars and lounges, for single stall situations, there’s no longer a separate bathroom for men and women.

Can we all just agree that, up or down, MEN should be responsible for touching the toilet seat? There are some real injustices to this situation.

Men are not as quick as I imagined. You don’t have to pull your pants down, settle yourself into a hovering position and you don’t have to wipe. What the hell is taking so long in there?

IMG_2057The obnoxious signs warning that only one person is allowed in the bathroom. I know this is intended to address hookups and drug shares, but there’s really nothing worse than a bouncer pounding on the door to inquire if I’m alone as I’m hovering over the toilet. I mean really, how often must I announce my relationship status?

But by far, the worse is having to handle the toilet seat. There’s no reason for us to handle the toilet seat in the ladies room, unless the seat has been lifted because the bathroom is freshly cleaned. Now having to share with men means that sometimes the seat is up.

Men, could you just put the seat up and then down? You’re used to this practice, I’m not.

I know this is an old argument in households. Yet somehow, I’ve managed to completely avoid it. I’ve never had to share a bathroom with someone with external sex organs. Even in my small NYC apartment, I scored two toilets. One for Tina, one for everyone else (and I’m not above telling a stranger (like a delivery or repair guy) to use the bathroom in the building’s basement.

In a public place, having to touch the toilet seat is far worse than any domestic variety. I’ve resorted to using my foot to pull down the toilet seat. Yet given my gravity-defying shoe uniform and drinking habits, that’s often a dangerous undertaking.

So men, can we just agree that you handle the seat? Now if you also think it’s gross, I can offer two suggestions:

  • You could sit down. Just like us.
  • You could take it outside. Always an option.

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