It’s Gotta Be Bed Bugs

My bed bug fear is almost colossal. After an infestation shut down Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie, Hollister and even the movies, I’ve been a ledge.

Anytime I get a bug bite, I immediately inspect my mattress on the off chance that I have bed bugs. I won’t let the exterminator in unless he can confirm that he hasn’t treated a bed bug infestation recently (I don’t want them relocating from his clothes to my apartment). And even as I type this, I feel itchy.  I admit that I MAY be hypersensitive over this issue.

Recently, I’ve noticed a surprising number of mattresses set out as trash. Every trash day while walking my dog, I see at least one discarded mattress on the sidewalk. The surprising part? I take her around the same block everyday! I don’t understand how people can afford to just trash such a big ticket item! And so often!

I mentioned this to a girlfriend — who was convinced that I was exaggerating. So I started snapping pics each time I saw one of these abandoned mattresses. And just because of that, these mattresses started showing up everywhere. Of course I had to include some theories on why these mattresses got the old heave-ho.

Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs?

It’s covered in plastic. There’s no way you can use a mattress covered in plastic. Plus, there are two sets of mattresses and a bunch of other junk. My theory: they have lost the bed bug battle.

Bed wetter?


I tried not to look too closely, but it was clear that this family has a kid who’s still trying to master the art of having a dry bed in the morning. The battle is long.

Break up?

There was a guy standing beside all his belongings looking forlorn. The funny part was, there was a jump jump right behind him. Not your typical Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn Heights.



The landlord threw this person out along with their disgusting mess. Ewww squared.

Where they end up

And here’s where they end up. One day, some unsuspecting person will start the cycle all over again.


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