DC Style in One Word. I’m Stumped

I usually sum up cities in a one word description. The descriptions are always related to fashion or style, of course.

New York is black.

Milan is tight.

Paris. Magnifique.

Jersey (yes, all of it) is Ugg.

Long Island is juicy (as in juicy written across their butt).

Boston is khaki.

Philly is pleated.

Dallas is blond.

Chicago? Drab.

Miami is boobalicious.

Los Angeles. Barefoot.

I am stumped by DC! I spent some time there a few weekends ago and still could not come up with a description. I’ve been to the city countless times. Whether it’s taking a stroll through Georgetown, having dinner on a letter street or brunch in a hotspot, my beloved people-watching has still left me coming up empty.

There’s a lot of tourists as expected. And then that leaves everyone else. They are very well turned out. Yet I don’t notice a trend at all. Guess I’ll need to keep visiting to figure it out.

How would you describe DC in one word?