Hate It or Love it? My First 30 Days of Self-Employment

1. HATE IT: Really missing my co-workers. LOVE IT: I’m not missing all of them.

2. LOVE IT: Not setting an alarm. HATE IT: Getting up at 6:30 or 7 AM, anyway.

3. LOVE IT: Shopping at sample sales during non-prime time hours being SO much better. Imagine the La Perla girls actually rooting through the crates to help you look for your size. HATE IT: No clue how much I can spend.

4. HATE IT: Not dressing in my beloved work clothes. (And I’m not much of a casual wear kinda girl.) LOVE IT: Haven’t worn Spanx in a month.

5. HATE IT: Taking public transportation every day. I don’t know why I thought I would save money on that and left it out of the budget. LOVE IT: I always get a seat and am not usually in a hurry.

6. LOVE IT: Spending more time in the apartment that I pay quite a bit to live in. HATE IT: The more time I spend there, the more important it is for it to be clean. Plus, I’m the cleaning lady now. I never thought I’d say I want a smaller apartment.

7. HATE IT: Pining to spend the day in Midtown. LOVE IT: I’m still there for dinner or appointments several days a week and I’ve been able to sit outside and just enjoy instead of rushing from place to place.

8. LOVE IT: Making it to the gym everyday. HATE IT: Vibe is all off during the day. The people are boring and the eye candy not as tasty.

9. HATE IT: Not having anyone to talk to during the day. LOVE IT: Having time to hang out with my friends and actually keeping in touch when I say I will.

10. HATE IT: Really missing the lunchtime food run to Pret, Chipotle, Dishes, Cafe Manhattan, Free Foods, Qdoba, cuban dives and street carts. LOVE IT: I can make a homemade lunch. Who am I kidding? I HATE THAT.