How I Found $1,000 in My Apartment

With all the freedoms of being an entrepreneur, one of the unfortunate aspects is the total unpredictable and infrequent nature of getting paid.

Luckily I’ve found a jackpot of sorts right in my apartment! Here were some of my finds — hopefully they’ll help you find some extra cash in your own apartment!

  • $150 — Sold sofa on Craig’s List. Started by asking for $350, but after posting it for three straight months, I finally got rid of it by lowering the price to this point.
  • $150 — Sold CDs to Second Spin and Abundatrade. They were just sitting around collecting dust anyway. Only bad part was how much it cost to mail the CDs.
  • $50 — Sold a boatload of books to the Strand. I thought I deserved more than that, but it was still better than what I was offered at the Korean store in Midtown.
  • $30 — Used a gift card from Petco. No clue where it came from.
  • $150 — Used a gift card I received from my former employer for taking a Health Risk Assessment. Thanks!
  • $50 — an American Express gift cheque I deposited right into my checking account (can’t do that with a gift card) and $125 in American Express gift cards. Sheesh, what was I doing curating a gift card collection? I don’t remember what they are from but clearly I’ve been collecting gifts for years.
  • $200 — Sold two handbags  to Bag Borrow or Steal
  • $100 — Consigned a David Meister formal dress. The snobby shop refused the rest of my collection, so now, I’m heading over to i-ella to sell clothes. I’m hoping proceeds can cover the after-Christmas sales!

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