Relationship COBRA — No ID Cards Required

When you quit a job — or are fired — you usually qualify for COBRA benefits. These benefits allow you to continue your health care coverage under your old employer until you find another job, another health plan or you’re kicked off 18 months later.

Some people think that relationships should offer the same the same type of coverage. The relationship didn’t work and you may not be able to stand each other, but if the sex was good, you should qualify for Relationship COBRA. And if the sex wasn’t good, a denial on the basis of a pre-existing condition is in order.

When a relationship ends, there’s no telling when you’ll have access to the physical benefits again. You can use your Relationship COBRA as a bridge to get you over until the next best thing comes along. Like with your old employer, you don’t have to care about each other anymore to cash in on the benefit. Just get the “care” you need.

Now some people have taken the Relationship COBRA benefit bit too far. They’re greedy and go beyond the 18 months. Or, perhaps they continue the coverage even though they now have coverage under a new relationship. That’s simply abuse of the benefit and should not be tolerated. Coverage can be terminated at any time, if abused.

You had a period of faithful (or maybe not-so-faithful service). You’re entitled. just keep in mind that just like health care COBRA, Relationship COBRA will cost a lot. Budget carefully.


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