In Honor of Fashion Week: Looks That I Just Don’t Understand

In honor of the eight days of Fashion Week which begins later this week, check out these eight fashion  looks that deserve my fitting commentary.

White tights

1. White Tights
Unless you have snow white legs, white tights are not for you. Or for your daughter — have you seen all the fun tights little girls have these days? You don’t have to dress her like mom dressed you back in 1978. Get thee to Lil Missmatched right away!

Scrubs in the supermarket
2. Scrubs
In the operating room, I get it. In the dentist’s office, I expect it. On the L train? Unfathomable.

Track Suits

3. Track Suits
They’ve had their moment as leisure wear. First, the wind suits. Then the velour suits. Then the juicy on the bootie suits. It’s time to put them away. Overdue. If you must go out supercomfy, think hoodie with non-matching yoga pants.

Pleated Pants - Just say no

4. Pleated Front Pants
I ranted about this before and was told by several men that they are more comfortable for those with certain body types. Remedy: tailor your flat front pants. There’s nothing that a little tailoring cant do to make something look and feel great. But you’re talking to a girl who wears five inch heels, so clearly the comfort argument won’t go far with me.


5. Overalls
Back in high school, people wore these with one strap hanging. Ridiculous. But oh they hang on. Ladies, stick with the jumpsuit or romper. Men, just avoid it. Unless of course you have amazing guns on display and all is potentially forgiven.

Sagging pants

6. Sagging
I can’t believe it’s 2012 and I still am subjected to this. The other day while waiting for the train, I noticed a youngster with sagging, rigidly starched SKINNY jeans, revealing almost his entire Burberry boxer short. I wanted to bump him off the platform. Now ladies, I know that some of you protest to men in skinny jeans at all. Personally, I like them, but I’m a fan of the slim-fitting, sleek European look. But sagging AND skinny. He needs to go regroup.

Flip flops at work

7. Flip Flops as an Everyday Shoe
On the beach, during your commute, I get it. But walking around the office in a plastic, nail salon flip flop? SIGH. BTW, I’m sure that you realize that we share our streets with rats, right? Not to mention urine and other questionable substances on the sidewalk.

8. Athletic Shoes with Jeans
Not fashion kicks like Pumas or Gucci’s, but jogging shoes. With jeans. I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

And the items I was itching to put on the list, but there weren’t enough days in Fashion Week to feature them: Uggs, Crocs, sweater vests for men and khakis. Those of you who’ve followed me for a while may be pleased to know that I’ve given up on ridding the world of capri pants.

Have fun with it and enjoy the shows!


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