Feelin’ Some Kinda Way

Angry babyThe other day on my way to work, I dropped by McDonald’s for a cappuccino.  This particular McDonald’s is one of those locations that’s usually filled with confused tourists who have no clue of what they want to order and don’t realize that each register is  a separate line. I did my usual — cutting right through the confusion. I arrived in the front just in time to witness two women having a shoving match. The victor was established when she shoved her foe so hard that she knocked the cane out of her hand.

Turns out, the woman with the cane was trying to cut in line (just like I had just done), but she did it to someone who blew up and restaked claim on her place in line. Mad lady had gotten so worked up that her hairpiece was crooked, her lips were poked out beyond goldfish and her coat had popped open. Although technically she was the one who was wronged, her reaction was so extreme that she was the one who looked crazy. As I watched the woman stalk out — still a disheveled mess and still looking evil, I wondered if she thought the scuffle was worth it. Would she later regret that much anger over something so minor?

Although I’d like to think that I wouldn’t come to blows over someone cutting in line, I can somewhat relate to quickstart anger. Are there any really minor things that make you mad?  I’m talking face flushing, scalp tingling mad. But over things that aren’t actually a big deal.

Here’s my list of minor things that will without a doubt, send me off the charts:

  1. When I’m standing by the elevator and someone comes up and pushes the button, implying that I’ve just been standing there all that time just waiting for you to rescue me.
  2. When someone tells me “It’s up to you,” in situations that are clearly up to me.  I guess they feel the need to grant me permission?
  3. When I have to spell my name. Tina is just not that hard.
  4. When people criticize someone else’s taste in music, calling it trash or noise.
  5. When cab drivers don’t know where to go. Where’s Penn station? You gotta be kidding me.
  6. When people ask me how much something costs. First, its rude. Second, there are so many ways to look it up, folks.
  7. When people say I’m from Texas. I’m not FROM there, I just lived there.
  8. When people use tears as a manipulation tactic.
  9. When people use out-of-date slang. No one’s busting moves anymore. No one’s the bomb and don’t say “you go gurl,” cuz that’s gone.

Glad I couldn’t come up with 10 — I almost got worried about myself!


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